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revenants_quill's Journal

Beating the suck out of our prose since May 2007
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Ever get frustrated when you ask for crit and all you get is a very nice, but ultimately unhelpful, 'that was really cool! :D' in response? Or a good deal of applause, but nothing that tells you where the sucky bits are, and then goes some way to helping you sort them out?

Then this may well be the place for you...

Revenant's Quill is an online writing group for people who want to improve their creative output through giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Simple as that.

It's for people who want to polish up their work to submit to magazines or agents, as well as those who just want to improve their skills for their own sake.

It was the brainchild of ultharkitty (your buxom mod), black_faery, and voidssong.

The Community Guidelines
Please read them before posting

* Crit as much as you want to be critted in return! Or more!

* Please make comments relevant and helpful.

* Ask questions, challenge each other, say what you think and why you think it! The why is especially important.


* Please put the writing you want critted behind an lj-cut, even if it's short.

* ALL posts are to be flocked. We want this to be a safe, mutually supportive community. Oh, and not flocking your writing can mean it counts as already published, so it's in everyone's interest to keep posts locked.

* Tell us what kind of feedback you want. Do you want crit on specific things? Just general impressions? Plot? Characterisation? Help us to help you :D

* If you feel like adding a content warning/age rating, please do so, but you don't have to.


* Writing-related, please, but vaguely-related off-topic is fine.

* Also fine are writing challenges, discussions on a writerly topic, queries, links to useful sites and resources, and everything else you'd expect of a face-to-face writing group.

* And if you want to swap email addresses and give crit that way, feel free. Not everything has to be done here on LJ :)

* Membership is moderated. Bitchery, wank, and other such spawn of the Drama Llamas will not be tolerated. :D


rev·e·nant (rěv'ə-nənt)

1. One that returns after a lengthy absence.
2. One who returns after death.

Courtesy of dictionary.com


The revenant bit is in honour of the people who've gone away from us, but have come back again (if only via MSN, and thankfully not as brain-eating zombies). The 'us' here are mainly people from yorkwriters, the University of York Creative Writing Group, and writers we've met in RL and online.